And So It’s Over

And today begins the day one of the 2019-20 season!  Thanks to everyone who came out our way this winter whether you were tubing, skiing or snowboarding.  Exciting things are happening this summer and we will keep you posted.

Did you know we offer seasonal ski and snowboard rentals???  If you have growing kids its the only way to go!  We give you BRAND NEW equipment, ordered this spring and picked up in the fall.  What’s easier than one stop shopping?  Check here for more details.

Our rental shop in Maggie Valley, Cataloochee Ski & Sports, is now closed for the season as well.

See you next season!






Aerial Lifts

Conveyor Lifts


Natural Snowfall

Night Skiing Tonight


Omigosh (Double)

Easy Way Lift (Triple)

Wolf Creek (Conveyor)

Rock Island Line (Quad)

Beginners Luck (Conveyor)


black Upper Omigosh 1000′ * OPEN

blueLower Omigosh 1800′ * OPEN

blueUpper Snowbird 1600’*

blueLower Snowbird 1900’* OPEN

blueRock Island Run 1200′ * OPEN

blackAlley Cat 900′ * OPEN

greenRabbit Hill 600′ * OPEN

greenWolf Creek Hollow* OPEN

greenBeginner’s Luck*

greenEasy Way 600′ * OPEN

orangeCat Cage *

greenOver Easy*

blueShort ‘n Sweet 550’* OPEN with 4 features

greenTurkey Trot 1200 OPEN

greenUpper Turkey Trot 400′

blueWild Cat Glade 400′

blue Richard’s Run 400′
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