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Cat Cage

CAT Cage is home to Cataloochee Ski Area’s Terrain Parks. With a Beginner level park located on the Turkey Trot slope and Intermediate to Advanced level park located on the Richard’s Run slope, you are sure to find something to both pique your interest and stay within your comfort zone.


START SMALL and work your way up.


1. Stay in control; be able to stop/avoid people or objects.
2. Give people ahead right of way; avoiding them is your responsibility.
3. Stop where you are visible from above; do not restrict traffic.
4. Look uphill/avoid others when starting downhill/entering a trail.
5. Always use leashes/devices to prevent runaway equipment.
6. Observe and obey all posted signs, warnings, and hazard marking.
7. Keep off closed trails and out of closed areas.
8. You must have knowledge and ability to load/ride/unload lifts safely.
9. Do not use lifts or terrain when impaired.
10. If in a collision, exchange contact information and notify staff.
11. If you need assistance, ASK!

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Current Features

  • Opening Soon!


We will be resetting the park soon!