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We sell 4-hour or 6-hour Lift Tickets. The session starts when you get onto the snow. If you have to wait in line to get equipment, your 4- or 6-hour Lift Ticket won’t start until you begin to ski or snowboard. Please see the pricing sheet for details.

In order to ride the lift, you must have a valid slope ticket as well as be skiing or snowboarding.

Yes, a slope/lift ticket is your entrance fee to be on the snow.

Yes, we are open and you can ski.

Sleds are not permitted; however we do have tubing at Tube World located at 4821 Soco Road in Maggie Valley.

We have some of the best snowmaking capabilities in the industry. Read more on Cataloochee Snow Making.

While we make every attempt not to blow snow on our guests, weather conditions sometimes require us to make as much snow as possible during business hours.

Please check our snow report for the current conditions.

We try to be open as soon as the cold weather arrives. This is usually by mid-November. You can find our open and close stats through the years here

The slopes open at 9:00 am on weekdays and 8:30 am on weekends/holidays. The Ticket Center and Rental Department open one hour before the slopes. We close at 10pm from the second Saturday in Dec. to the second Saturday in March (weather permitting). All other times, 4:30pm.

  • Thanksgiving Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 8:30 am – 10:00 pm
  • Thanksgiving Day and Sunday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
  • Christmas Eve 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
  • Christmas Day 1:00 pm – 10:00 pm
  • New Year’s Eve & Day 8:30am — 10pm

The second Saturday in December until the first Saturday in March.

Unfortunately, only in-person or over-the-phone usage of Cat-Cash is available.

Outside alcohol is prohibited throughout the property. Our bar is open from 11 am till close each day. All alcohol purchased must be consumed inside our Main Lodge or on the slopeside deck attached to the lodge.

Currently our merchandise is not available online.

Click here to watch our Chairlift 101 video for more information.

No, due to safety reasons we do not allow baby’s in Bjorn’s or baby backpacks.

We sell locks in the gift shop.


Lockers are located in the lower level of our main lodge and in the boot barn. They are $0.75 each time they are opened.

Yes, the ATM is located near the front doors of the lodge.

Lost and found is located at the information desk on the lower level of the Main Lodge.

We have a cafeteria that operates the same hours as the Ski Area. Serving burgers, hotdogs, chicken tenders, fries, hot soups, hot and cold drinks, etc. We have a full bar that operates from 11 am until closing.


Ticketing / Reservations

You can redeem your reservations at any of our in-person outside Ticket Windows as well as our kiosk located downstairs of the Main Lodge. See kiosk instructions below.

To redeem at kiosk:
-Bring up QR code on your phone, press “print online order” on the kiosk
-Scan QR code in front of the camera
-The order will pop up, press “print all” on the kiosk
-Grab your tickets, and proceed to rentals if you had rental order or proceed to lifts if only ticket
-Have a great time!

Yes, up to 14 days in advance.

No, Slope Tickets, Rentals, and Lessons are non-refundable and non-transferable. Gift shop purchases are also non-refundable. When you purchase a Lift Ticket, you have accepted our terms and conditions.

70+ can only purchase at the Ticket Center with valid ID.

Senior Discounts can only be purchased at Ticket Center with a valid ID.

Pricing / Programs

Unfortunately, your family will need to come to the Ticket Window and show proof of ID and any other credentials.


The whole family is included in the special price. You must bring credentials from the state.


WOW is a six week progressive program. Attendance on the first day is crucial to your success in the program.




We offer rentals on skis/boots/poles as well snowboard/boots. The rental equipment price includes ski, boots, and poles; or snowboard and boots. Additionally, we rent waterproof ski bibs (overalls) and jackets. Slope Tickets are sold separately and are not included in the rental equipment price.

The rental price includes the complete set of the snowboard and boots or skis and boots.

We have ski bibs (overalls) and jackets available to rent. They’re $17 each or $27 for both.

Yes, you can only add rentals to your purchase of a slope ticket. If you do not need to purchase a slope ticket, select the trash icon for the slope ticket upon checkout and only pay for the rentals. .

We do not rent gloves, goggles or hats, but we have them available for purchase in our gift shop.

Gloves start at $45

We strongly recommend gloves to protect your hands.

We recommend goggles or sunglasses. We have both for purchase in our gift shop.

We strongly recommend a helmet. They are available for rent or purchase in our gift shop.

While helmets are highly recommended, it is not required. This is an add-on product.

We offer kids size 9 for both skiing and boarding.

We offer up to size 16 for both ski and snowboard boots.


Our rental staff will be presetting equipment for adults whenever possible. Children’s equipment must be set with the child present.

We only set our skis and snowboards to our boots. The rental price includes both the boots and skis or boots and snowboard.

Snow skates are permitted from mid-station down. It must have metal edging and have a restraining device (leash). You must be approved by management before accessing the lift.

Snow bikes are permitted from mid-station down. It must have metal edging and have a restraining device. You must be approved by management before accessing the lift.

In order for us to guarantee that we have the right amount of rentals for everyone that has reserved online, we can no longer allow free rental swaps between skis and snowboards.

We do not offer any repairs on equipment at this time. However, Flip Side Board Shop and Skis & Tees, both in Maggie Valley, do.


Lessons are 1.5 hours total.

We try to keep lesson size at 6 to 8 people per instructor, however your group could be as large as 12 people.


Lessons are available at the ticket window only. They are on a first come first serve basis.

The age requirement for group lessons is 8+ years old.

The age requirement for private lessons is 3+ years old.


While many people say skiing is easier to learn, it depends on the individual.


Kids poles are now available upon request in the ski barn. Guests are asked to return those poles back to the Ski Barn as we have a limited supply.

Yes, the only way to reserve a spot in Cat Trackers is with an online reservation.

Please sign up for lessons at the outside ticket window.


We maintain the roads in inclement weather and recommend 4-wheel, All Wheel or 2-wheel drive with chains.

We do not provide a shuttle service from the bottom.

We don’t require 4-wheel drive. In inclement weather you should have 4-wheel, all wheel or 2-wheel drive with chains.

No, our snowmaking requires freezing temperatures to make snow. We strive to be open by early November each season and will try to ski until the end of March.

For the novice skier/snowboarder, we suggest warm waterproof pants, jackets, gloves, hats, scarfs, pullup socks, an extra change of clothes, goggles or sunglasses, etc.

We do not offer on-site lodging. See our website for our lodging partners.

No, we do not allow snowmobiling, snowshoeing, or cross country skiing at the Ski Area. The closest resort offering these amenities is in West Virginia.


We do not offer a “play area”.

We only allow service dogs. Please clean up after your dog.

Tube World

Tube World is remotely located from the ski area at 4721 Soco Rd, in Maggie Valley.

Tube World opens as soon as we are able to make snow down in the valley. We strive to open by Thanksgiving.

All Tube World guests must be 42” tall to ride and only 1 person is allowed per tube for safety reasons. Parents may not be in the tube with their child.

No, for safety reasons, you must be 42” tall to tube.

We offer tubing for $32 on weekdays and $37 on weekends/holidays. Your Tube World ticket is for a 1hr and 45-minute session.

No, only equipment provided at Tube World may be used.


Tube World has an assortment of beverages to choose from.

We offer tubing for $32 on weekdays and $37 on weekends/holidays. Your Tube World ticket is for a 1hr and 45-minute session.

Unfortunately, we do not have any rental clothing or boots at Tube World. We do have gloves and hats for sale there.

No, we do not have an area for children to play in.

You can reserve Tube World tickets 14 days in advance.