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Be advised, slope ratings are exclusive to Cataloochee Ski Area.

We recommended attempting  BEGINNER trails, regardless of skier and/or rider experience, prior to progressing to either of  INTERMEDIATE or  EXPERT trails. All inherent risks of this sport are assumed by the guest upon purchase of a pass. If, for some reason, these risks cannot be accepted, Cataloochee Ski Area does not assume responsibility or liability should injury(s) occur.

Take care in following posted signage. SLOW SKIING AREAS have higher levels of congestion, often with entry level or less experienced skiers/riders, than other areas. Jumping in these areas is prohibited. Should you witness an incident on the slopes, alert ski patrol and/or a mountain employee by providing an accurate description of the location and nature of the incident. If you are involved in an incident, stay at the scene until Ski Patrol arrives and gathers necessary information.

Skiing or riding beyond the ski area boundary (Out of Bounds) is PROHIBITED.