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We are so glad you are considering Cataloochee Ski Area for your first time skiing or snowboarding!

  1. First, select your slope ticket on the slope ticket page. This ticket will get you on the slopes and up the lifts. If you do not intend to ride the lift, you will still need to purchase a slope ticket and have ski or board equipment to enter the slopes. After selecting your slope ticket, you will then be able to choose board or ski equipment as well as pants and jackets if you need them. You will need to enter each person separately to input their specific personal information. The time on your slope ticket will not begin until you are out on the slopes. There is no set time for 4 or 6 hour tickets to begin. Night tickets begin at 5pm. If you do not need lessons, you can print tickets purchased online at the kiosks located inside the lower level of the main lodge.
  2. If you do want lessons, which we recommend for your first time, you can choose Group or Private lessons at the ticket window (only) where you can also get your tickets printed. For children 4-12, we offer Cat Trackers, Kidz Ski & Ride School – half or full day includes slope ticket, rentals, and lessons.
  3. It is recommended that you bring waterproof gloves, goggles (or sunglasses) and pullup socks (preferably wool). If you need these items, we do sell them in our retail shop. It is also recommended that you where layers. Leggings can work in place of thermals.
    We have a café in the main lodge, but you may also bring your own food.

We look forward to your visit! – Cataloochee Ski Area