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Please Read Trail Ratings

All skiers should be advised that a green circle, blue square, or black diamond trail at Cataloochee is not necessarily the same as a similarly rated trail at another area. This system is a relative system, valid only at Cataloochee. Skiers should work their way up, beginning with the easiest trail, no matter what level their ability level may be, until they are familiar with the trails at Cataloochee. Skiing has categories of inherent risks that skiers MUST ASSUME if they participate in the sport. They include, but are not limited to, variations in snow and terrain, ice, rocks and forest growth (above or below surface), bare spots, towers, utility lines and their components, snow making and snow grooming equipment and collisions. Read and heed all posted signs. If you cannot accept the inherent risks of the sport, please do not purchase a ticket at this area. Purchase of a lift ticket does not imply that you can use all lifts and ski all trails. Thank You.

Slow Skiing Areas

These areas have a higher concentration of slow skiers or entry level skiers than other areas. Skiers must reduce their speed in these areas to reduce the risk of injury for all. Absolutely no jumping is allowed. If you see an accident on the slopes, alert the ski patrol or any mountain employee. Remember to accurately describe the location and nature of the situation. If you are involved in an accident, stay at the scene until the Ski Patrol arrives and gathers necessary information.

Out of Bounds

Skiing or riding past the ski area boundary is not permitted.

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