2019-2020 Afterschool Program

NEW this season, the Afterschool Program has been expanded to a seven week session, which will include a 1 1/2 hours ski or ride lesson for your child each program night.  Also, built into this package is a bonus make-up night.  Should the ski area not be operating on any of the program nights listed, this bonus date is listed in red at the end of the seven weeks.  If a make-up night is not utilized during the program, an additional evening session will be added at the end.

Sessions are at 5:30PM on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday nights, beginning January 8, 2020.   Helmets are included.

You must register for this program online, no walk ins will be accepted.  Deadline for registration is January 2, 2020.  100 students will be accepted per night.

Students can choose between skiing (SK) and snowboarding (SB) on any of the seven nights.  Remember when choosing the night you wish your student to participate, on Wednesday nights we hold high school racing.

Both skiing and snowboarding will be taught to grades 4-12 and only skiing will be taught to 1-3 graders.  Please remember snowboarding in the afterschool program is limited to age 8 and above.  Also, once a discipline is picked, it must be followed until the end of that session and once a program night is picked, there are no substitutions.

Pricing for Seven-Week Program

  • Lift, lesson, either ski or snowboard rental and helmet – $280
  • Lift and lesson only – $230
  • Lesson only – $190

PLEASE NOTE: All registrants for the afterschool program must also download and fill out a Program Release Waiver and submit along with your registration on the first night of class.

2020 Afterschool Schedule

PLEASE NOTE: If for any reason the ski area is not operating and a session must be made up, the bonus or makeup date is listed in red at the end of the session dates scheduled.

Release Waiver Form

To save steps you can download the Afterschool Waiver and Release Form here.

Please note the following program details:

FEES: The total cost will be $280 per student for skiing or for snowboarding. These fees include all rental equipment, instruction and lift pass for the seven-week program. Student lift and lesson only package is $230.  Children with their own equipment and season pass are welcome to participate in the program for $190.

REGISTRATION:  Register online prior to January 2, 2020.  The afterschool program is only available online and no walk ins will be accepted.

Please remember “Date Skiing”  is date of purchase for programs, and does not indicate the date you plan to attend.  Hit “Search Products” with today’s date and programs will appear that are available to purchase.

DRESS: All skiers and snowboarders should wear layers of warm clothing. Always bring a coat, hat and waterproof gloves. (A change of clothes for the ride home is a good idea.)

SUPERVISION: Cataloochee staff will provide supervision of the students while they are taking part in the class; however, a parent or designated adult should remain on the property throughout the session.

POSTPONEMENT: These programs will be held whenever the ski area is in operation. Programs will take place even if schools are closed that day. If the ski area is not operating, a makeup date is listed in red at the end of the session dates scheduled.