Ski Area: As soon as weather permits!
Tube World: Open 12/20/14
Cataloochee Ski Area




Snow Report
Snowmaking began at 9:30pm, Friday evening. Stay tuned....

Welcome Fall! Winter's Not Far Behind!
The weather (and the leaves!) are changing and the fall season is upon us. Cooler temps are in the area and the 2014-15 season is around the corner. The lifts are ready, snowmakers will start watching the temps and wait for Mother Nature's green light. Remember, come November 1 (or earlier!), count on Cataloochee to begin making snow in order to open for the 2014-15 season!.

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Aerial Lifts

Conveyor Lifts

Snowmaking Yes

Natural Snowfall

Night Skiing Tonight

Upper Omigosh 1000' *
Lower Omigosh 1800' *
Upper Snowbird 1600'*
Lower Snowbird 1900'*
Rock Island Run 1200' *
Alley Cat 900' *
Rabbit Hill 600' *
Wolf Creek Hollow*
Beginner's Luck*
Easy Way 600' *
Cat Cage Terrain Park *
Beginner's Over Easy*
Short ‘n Sweet 550'*
Richard's Run 550'
Turkey Trot 1200'*
Upper Turkey Trot 400'
Upper Over Easy 400'
Wild Cat Glade 400'

Easiest ttttMore Difficult
Most Difficult
Freestyle Terrain * Night Skiing

Omigosh Lift (Double)
Easy Way Lift (Triple)
Wolf Creek Hollow Conveyor Lift
Rock Island Line (Quad)
Beginners Luck Conveyor Lift